The Enchantment of Academic Honesty in the Frame of Islamic Boarding School Education – Some of us think that santri is a term for those who only study religion without studying the treasures of general knowledge. Even though this statement is not true, it is very lucky for those who make their choice as santri. Studying religious knowledge continuously with the only hope, “May Allah bestow useful knowledge and make him a seeker of knowledge until the end of his life”.

Starting a long journey with a heartbreaking story, making many people realize how important a struggle is. Indonesia is a country that has long been independent. A country with millions of wealth. Merdeka in the breath of independence, some people know that Indonesia is a paradise land, sticks and wood are valuable and worth selling in our country.

But behind that, the role of the center and Kiai colored the history of the nation’s independence so that they were able to shout the phrase “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom”. They are willing to risk their lives and property to work sincerely based on the feelings of Hubb al-Wathan min al-Iman. Islamic boarding school education guides all students with love from the pure heart of the heir of the prophets, namely Kyai.

Is Islamic Boarding School Education the Same as General Education?

Equating pesantren education with formal education is a mistake because the two things have an imbalance of meaning and process. Sometimes formal education creates a curriculum that directs students to excel. So getting a low score is a disaster. The implication of this paradigm requires you to get a high score, or a low score as a parameter of success in academic history so that it will encourage someone to get a perfect score even if they have to do fraudulent practices such as cheating.

One of the essences of education is to create quality human beings with integrity through the application of religious values, and honesty and fostering an attitude of responsibility as the nation’s straightener. Religion should guide every human being to realize substantial values ​​in social life.

According to C.C. Berg Islamic Boarding School comes from the word Shastri. In India, it means a person who knows Hindu religious books and is an expert on Hindu scriptures. Which word Shastri comes from the word shastra (religious or scientific book). Some say that the word santri comes from the word Tantrik (Sanskrit or maybe Javanese) which means a person who always follows the teacher which was later developed by the Taman Siswa College in a boarding system called Payawitan.

Nurcholish Madjid also revealed that: “Pesantren consists of five main elements, namely: Kiai, students, mosques, Islamic boarding schools, and the teaching of Islamic classics. These five elements are the special characteristics of Islamic boarding schools and distinguish Islamic boarding schools from other educational institutions.

Application of Academic Honesty

The concept of learning in Islamic boarding schools always prioritizes the charm of Academic Honesty, where honesty is the soul in every line of circumstances, this can be seen from the existence of regulations as social control that are reflexive both persuasively and coercively.

For example, a student who is caught cheating on an exam will receive direct punishment regardless of family status. All are equal without a bias between the rich and the poor. Punishment for violators can be in the form of ta’zir or job which is a condition of punishment for violators.

The life of the santri while at the Islamic boarding school is an effort to produce cadres who can participate and be useful to society so that a golden generation will be created to make Indonesia a harmonious unit in diversity because that is an obligation. students to strengthen civilization through symbols of peace. Santri is the designation for a chosen human being. No one has the right to say that santri are left behind by the flow of globalization and are even nicknamed just because santri are identical to those who only study religion. However, this resistance faded by itself because now they decide to study various sciences, such as religious knowledge and general science simultaneously. We can call them “lucky people”.

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